Extraordinary wines from the finest regions of the world

At Fazenda, we believe great wine is an integral part of a gourmet meal. Our distinguished list features extraordinary wines from the finest growing regions in the world.

    Particularly popular are our exquisite South American wines. Predominately from Argentina and Chile, our collection features some of the finest Malbecs from Mendoza Valley and wonderful Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot and Carmenère varietals from Casablanca. Experts believe that what characterises South American wines is the passion that we bring to everything we do, and this passion translates to a unique and distinctive flavours.

    Of course, no collection would be complete without some fantastic European wines. Ever popular are our Bordeaux selections, hailing from fabled houses such as Margaux and Rothschild. Outside France, Italian wines, grown mainly in Tuscany, and our Spanish Riojas are also quite popular.

    We also feature a selection of dessert wines, sparkling wines, and champagne to enjoy after dinner.

    Equally important to our spectacular wine list is our highly knowledgable staff. Our team is pleased to assist you with selecting the best wines to complement the Fazenda dining experience.