Miolo Wine Masterclass – March 2016

Miolo Merlot (1 of 1)

February 1, 2016

Miolo Wine Masterclass – March 2016

We are delighted to be welcoming Brazilian producer Miolo once again to Fazenda.

This Brazilian winery was founded back in 1897 by Giuseppe Miolo, an Italian immigrant who had travelled to Brazil in search of new opportunities.

Nowadays, Miolo owns the largest amount of land under vines in Brazil, and is the country’s largest exporter, with a 40% share of the domestic fine wines market.

During the masterclass our guests will be able to enjoy 6 different wines, learn more about the winery, their production methods and the wines’ food-pairing characteristics.


£10 plus your Fazenda meal (please note all wines to be tasted are included, however, additional drinks and/or desserts need to be paid separately)

Dates and Times:

Leeds: 7th March 6.30pm. Bookings and enquiries > leeds@fazenda.co.uk

Manchester: 8th March 6.30pm. Bookings and enquiries > manchester@fazenda.co.uk

Liverpool: 9th March 7.30pm. Bookings and enquiries > liverpool@fazenda.co.uk



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